Sakina Children's Village Livestock Gift / Donation Development Fund
The Sakina Children's Village brings together various services in a project to care for the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children. The core project consists of a housing complex, school and health centre.

It costs just £30 a month to sponsor a child. Or please donate at least £5 a month to generally support this safe haven for the children of Mali.

Donate livestock to a needy family to give them the precious gift of a regular income. Chickens provide eggs and chicks for families to sell and earn vital cash to feed themselves. A goat gives milk, providing valuable nutrition especially for children. The goat will also produce baby goats (kids) which families can sell to generate income.

Stuck for creative gift ideas? Why not donate livestock on behalf of a friend/relative. Make this simple gift generate a precious income for a needy family.
You can also make a general donation to the Development Fund. The Fund will set up farms and other similar projects to support rural families and communities in Africa and Asia.

By creating jobs you can help families to become self sufficient and not rely on handouts.